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General appearance

The American Akita is a large, powerful and well balanced dog. He has a heavy bone structure with plenty of substance, therefore he is an imposing figure.

The head is broad and resembles a hollow triangle when viewed from above.

It has small, dark brown eyes and erect ears, rounded triangles, which he easily carries forward tilt.

It is available in many color options with and without the mask.

Easy care, he is also, however, he sheds 2x a year starting strong.

He is a confident and dominant dog. His nature is friendly and attentive, his family, he is faithful over and protective.

He is calm and hardly barks and enjoys it to be, he is a family dog in your neighborhood and does not belong in the kennel.

He is versatile, because he is receptive and docile with proper treatment.

Under pressure and hardship, he responds with his legendary stubbornness.

The American Akita was used for hunting, so he has a strong hunting instinct.

He should be meaningfully occupied and get sufficient exercise.